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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. firefighters respond to an oakland business, we will tell you why they were already familiar with the building. live in morgan hill where there is a spike in a particular crime, we will tell you where it is and why it is specifically happening. >> and high tides are expected to hit bay area beaches. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you,
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well to come to a brand-new -- welcome to a brand-new day december 11th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve has the weather and it is definitely going to get colder tomorrow. >> well, it is colder out there already for some. the fog is pushing the system and it is a weak system but rain is and coming down and we have 50s and 60s, here is sal. the bridge does look good heading to the peninsular and no major problems on this bridge or the dumbarton. it looks like on highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. let's go back to the desk. daily city and skyline boulevard is closed on john daily boulevard because there is an accident. news chopper 2 is flying over and several police agencies are
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there now. brian flores is headed there as we speak and we will bring you more as we get more information. an apartment fire has left six people homeless. these are pictures out at the scene where you can see crews are still there. the fire started a couple of hours on copperfield avenue near the bart station. now some units on both floors of the building were gutted. woman one said she saw -- one woman said she saw fire and firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to the other units and fortunately nobody was hurt. one woman said the fire was set intentionally and the head of the fire department will ultimately determine the cause.
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allie rasmus joins us from oakland with more on the investigation into how another fire started in an appliance building. >> reporter: it was firefighters from oakland 29 who responded to this fire and they were already pretty familiar with the building because it was the same spot they put out another fire in the last four months. >> reporter: the building that burned used to be an plaints who -- appliance shop and they got a report of a fire coming from inside the building the battalion chief said there are signs squatters had been living in the vacant building. >> the fire was under control in roughly ten minutes and
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there were no injuries to anybody. >> reporter: now the appliance building had been vacant and in august the 1st fire happened and that fire was considered to be suspicious in nature and since then there was no electric and there was not even a roof over the building. but the fire captain said there does not seem to be anything suspicious and our firefighters will be going back there. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. police reported a jump in burglaries over the past month. janine de la vega is in morgan hill with the specific area which has been targeted, jeanine? >> reporter: they call it the green leaf neighborhood in east
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dunn. we saw a patrol car in the past hour driving through this neighborhood and burglars are hitting this area in the daytime and night time hours and police say there have been reports of 23 burglaries here. eight homes have been broken into, and they have hit 15 cars parked in the neighborhood during the night. thieves are smashing car windows and crabbing what they can. the recent spike is making them take precaution. >> make sure their doors are locked and i take them with me and my truck and when i get home i take them out of my truck and i know there is nobody breaking into cars. >> reporter: that gentleman said he worked out of his car all day and that's why he feels safe taking his valuables with him. and investigators say nobody
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has been caught for any of these crimes and at this point they do not know if any of the crimes are related. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:06, police are clarifying statements about the weekend stabbing of a boy near a holiday celebration. it happened saturday night not far from the christmas celebration downtown. a spokesperson said police may not investigate the stabbing and that it was just one more added to the pile. the police spokesperson said now he meant that gang detectives would -- detectives would not be called in on their days off and he added all would be called in despite the heavy workloads. and they are looking for a missing man who disappeared saturday. he was last seen working on his
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tugboat which was docked. he may possibly have fallen overboard. now search teams from salon know -- salvano and contra costa will join in a new search. this stems from the columbus day protest on october 6th. the d.a. wants to see demonstrators tweets along with photos from other twitter users who followed them. twitter has not said whether they are willing to hand over that information. with the fist fiscal -- fiscal cliff, there is no information on whether they are closer to a deal but they have more on what programs they believe should or should not be attached on the way to a balanced budget. there are comments of a republican senator and we have more on why he says it's time
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to cut the food stamps program. as we told you earlier, sal, you have the chopper going? >> yes, news chopper 2 is on the scene of a cliff rescue of the daily city border and skyline and at least one lane is blocked. it is dark and you can tell there are fire crews on the scene and they are trying to figure out what happened as we push closer. we do know for sure something is going on next to the cliff and our reporter brian flores will have more information coming up. let's take a look at the bay bridge, those metering lights get turned on 6:15 and traffic is moving along slowly. it is already crowded as you can tell.
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traffic 101 southbound does look okay headed towards the san mateo area, let's go to steve. thank you sir, a very good morning. yesterday we had some record highs even though 60s might be on hold for a while as well. now the pattern coming in is nothing compared to what we had a week ago. it is not a rainy pattern but the key is, there will be much lower snow levels. it comes out of the gulf of alaska and the snow level will be down to 3 5,000 feet. also sunny for a while and clouds increase tonight, brief rain tonight and tomorrow, maybe a half inch to an inch and colder and breezy staying chilly and we have another cold system coming through sunday. there is no consensus and we
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will have a westerly breeze. brief morning rain and if they have any available rain left over they get available peaks. there is a definite chill in the area and again you can see there is not a lot for that system. it starts at 10:00 tonight and goes through 10:00 tomorrow night so it's not a winter storm warning and snow level is high and coming down around 4500 feet to 6 inches of snow maybe a foot above lake level as we head towards tomorrow night. cooler and chilly lows, a westerly breeze, chilly on the lows, low 60s for a few and they will disappear here. morning rain tomorrow, not a lot, it is colder and breezy, showers take us to thursday, looks okay and then a cold rain
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on sunday. they are called king tides and they are coming back here. they are the highest advertise of the year -- highest tides of the year and some believe this may be california's future if sea levels rise because of global warming. it is 11 minutes after 6:00 and san francisco wants to crack down on certain thefts. the proposal that is being considered today and we will have more on why some people are against it. we have more on the health of american children. why the fallout behind the australian radio station and the prank call has more, stay tuned. before cold & flu season, help prevent
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. legal experts say the radio station could face charges for broadcasting without the permission without participants. the nurse they called took her own life and they say they tried to discuss the prank before it aired. president mohamed morsi is
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ahead of a vote and has been given the right to arrest civilians. they will be voting on a charter approved by a panel filled mostly with mohamed morsi's allies. both opponents and supporters of the government were there and mass gunman were attacked at the square. they are facing the fiscal crisis and democrats are speaking out in a couple of hours but as allison burns reports republicans beat them to the airways. >> reporter: they say the food stamp program needs to be cut. alabama said food stamps need to be on the table when it comes to the fiscal cliff and he said there is not enough oversight and 1 in 6 americans
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uses the food stamps and they say too many abuse the system. >> the real people are fighting and have not reported changes in the income. >> reporter: democrats are warning president barack obama not to give into too many gop demands and they are holding a news conference in about an hour and a half. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. more news about childhood obesity in america. several say obesity rates are going down. they report philadelphia, new york city, alaska and other areas are seeing drops in obesity. the drops are small but researchers say it is still significant. they are not clear what helped
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but it is significant for years. they will be back in court and yesterday a judge approved an amendment to attach the sierra lemar case to the other crimes antolin garcia-torres is accused of. he tried to kidnap three went from a safe way parking lot in 2009 and antolin garcia-torres will enter a plea in both cases. giselle esteban has more on her fate and what the judge said about handing down a sentence to giselle esteban 25 years to life. it is about to become a public company. solar city is about to set a public offering price. the company hopes to raise as much as $150 million. and another co-founder of pay pal and space x said he plans to invest $15 million and that
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could affect other investors who are worried about the clean energy business. they will consider scrap metal thefts and they will create stricter standards by requiring them to renew their permits more often. they hope to discourage scrap buyers but critics say it unfairly targets those in the county instead of going after the thieves. the sonoma marin rail district asked for money to buy additional cars. that will allow them to run passenger trains at half hour intervals. >> sal is back. what is the latest on this cliff rescue? we found out one person was seriously injured when the driver of an suv went over the side and we are trying to get that car out and we do have a
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tow truck with a long table trying to get this car off the cliff. chp is there, this is on 35 skyline on john daily boulevard and a good alternate would be to use a different way to get through. you can use lake merced and just stay away from this area even though they are letting some cars go through, they will temporarily close it when they get the suv off the side and we have one person at the hospital with major injuries. the metering lights are on and backed up with 15 to 20 minute delays. 280 and 85 are off to a good start in the santa clara
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valley. steve? there is not a lot of rain coming in compared to what we had last week and the cold air will be here for a while. we have a front coming into the north, trust me, it is up there. we have front coming into the north, trust me, it is up there. i was about ready to dance and you don't want to see that. already pushing the low clouds in and it looks like half san mateo and it is cold out there already. concord 39, also cold in santa rosa. our system does not have a lot of rain with it and a lot of snow but at least the snow
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level will be coming down. our cloud rain forecast does not start until late tonight. late 10:00 and overnight it will bring in some rain and that is shower activity. it hit and miss, this is rain and that is shower activity and cooler today and we will get more of a westerly breeze. highs on wednesdays, we are struggling to get over 55. it starts at 10:00 with that and low clouds fog up 50s on the temperatures and this will be it for the 60s. 52 and 54 and it looks like a break with more rain on sunday. a british bank has agreed
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to pay into an investigation into money laundering. it has new senior leadership and is working to fix what went wrong. u.s. retailers set a record for hiring holiday workers last month. 46 5,000 seasonal workers were hired in november and that's up 21% from last year and employees have more money to spend. san jose police have a new crime fighting tool, how you can use it too.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
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what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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. welcome back, 25 years to life, giselle esteban is accused of killing michelle le, the judge handed down the sentence yesterday saying she showed no remorse for her former best friend and she waived her right to speak in court. michelle le's family was at the hearing and they said this at the hearing. >> maybe she will never feel remorse and if she does she is some kind of a human being.
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>> she killed michelle le because she believed she was having a romantic relationship with the father of her child. police say people can now use an online form instead of going to the police station and calling an officer to the scene. it can be used for identity theft and vandalism. the website is more user friendly than previous online reporting systems. let's check in with sal, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? as you come up through the interchange, it is getting more crowded and there are no major problems on the freeways but the freeways are getting more crowded as well. same thing goes out of pleasanton and pre-month heading down to san jose, let's go to steve. on the coast, it is filling
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our system and into tomorrow not a lot of rain but cold air is on the way so get ready. fire erupted at a hayward apartment building. one person set this fire to get back at somebody, and we also have a cliff rescue in daily city. we have news chopper 2 watching it and we will keep you updated and next, we will tell you why coca-cola is ringing the opening bell. ,0
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. welcome back, they are just getting ready to ring the opening bell, there is the opening bell, live reminding
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coca-cola has juices and vitamin water and it is said to be the most valuable brand. the most valuable brand, coca- cola and we will tell you why the lowest part of your screen is more coming up in business news. we will smile and say good morning to you. it is tuesday december 11th, i am dave clark. >> it is now 6:30 testimony. the we have developing news -- we have developing news in daily city skyline is closed on john daily boulevard because there has been an accident. several police agencies are headed there as well and he will bring us a live report as soon as we get more information. we are learning more about
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the fire which started in hayward. tara moriarty joins us now with an interesting update, tara? >> reporter: the woman who used to live here said she heard glass shattering and she believed it was a molotov connect -- molotov cocktail and when she came down she saw fire and she and her son ran out. the top and bottom of the apartment building was engulfed and the fire department was able to knock out the fire within ten minutes and prevent it from spreading to other people's homes. the woman who lived here said the fire was set intentionally and she received threats recently. >> it looked like hell, flames was shotting everywhere and when she opened her door, it seems like the flames
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escalated. >> now another family had to be evacuated and mother and son are staying with friends until they can get back on their feet. crews just pulled out and right now they are waiting for the arson investigator to take a look at this. you can see this apartment was completely gutted and no word yet on an estimate for damages. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> police want to know if two recent pipe bomb incidents are related. 600 students were led away from pleasant hill elementary after a pipe bomb was found on campus yesterday. luckily nobody was hurt and investigators will be checking video from security cameras and checking fingerprints from the bomb itself hoping it will lead to an arrest.
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>> it would have created some damage at the school, absolutely. >> they want to know if it is connected to fry date night's incidents. police found the blazer and another teen with an unexploded pipe bomb and two teens were arrested for that. they were finished on a broken water-main and news chopper 2 was flying over the scene at widgets lane. the crews did fix that water- main with burst yesterday afternoon and we are told know homes had ban affected but they lost water service. we check thed with contra costa and they are telling us service has been restored. happening right now, thousands of protesters are
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launching and controversy bill that will weaken labor unions now the bill will make it voluntary for workers to join unions. they would not be forced to pay dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. >> legislatures will move promptly and efficiently and when it arrives on my desk i plan on signing it. >> the right to work show it is right to work for less. >> democrats oppose the measure and the bill is expected to pass. 23 other states already have right to work laws. time now 6:34, two people are in the hospital after an oakland police started. they tried to pull over a
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suspected driver and the car took off and crashed into a fence. it happened on bond street and the driver of the vehicle was taken away in handcuffs and the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. a little girl has no parents. her parents were shot to death outside their apartment around midnight on saturday. the little girl was inside the apartment and was not hurt. now she is in protective custody. police say this is not a murder/suicide. they are hoping somebody who was out saturday night may have seen or heard something to report with investigators.
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maritime director james kwan is the first to step down and we will find out how he may have broken the law. and maritime workers will be discussing the distribute at the center of their strike. they will discuss whether to accept $2.50 per pound from brokers. some want $3 per pound price. the strike started last wednesday -- last wednesday after fish brokers moved to drop the price of fresh crab. dave, pam? westbound 24 is getting more crowded but it still looks good between lafayette and orinda. but there are certainly a lot of people on the road and traffic is moving along well on 680 nearby. let's go to the toll plaza and those metering lights are on
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before you make to the bridge. steve is my weather guru because this morning you may want to listen up for that. collar and 880 are off to a good start and steve, the question is do you think drivers will have to deal with any wet weather? >> by 5:00 to 7:00 i don't think so but tomorrow morning i do. there is fog coming back to parts of the coast and although it is about half-moon bay north, that was a nice tweet from cassie jean. there is fog filling in on the sonoma coast. our system responsible is moving into the picture and we have some fog to the north bay and out to the valley.
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and it's cold out. low clouds, cooler and these clouds will increase. i mean this is a big system coolwise and even though we have sun we will get more of a westerly wind and tomorrow morning into wednesday evening, then that cold air filters in and you will feel it. i was going to say if you have a see betterrian husky, they will have their nose in the air. a lot of 30s are socked in and it is a much cooler morning and it is making a b-line for us. the rain forecast, nothing for this evening, that is 6:00 and maybe you will have a compute
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which turns showery. it is mainly the lower -- will have a commute which turns showery. it is mainly a lower pattern and yesterday we had record highs and 50s on the temperatures and lower 60s but after today say goodbye to the 60s because it will stay cold and unsettled and saturday will be fine but then a cold rain on sunday. two bay area cities consider limits on medical marijuana. supporters are saying how much they can have. it is swooping down on the south bay, thieves are taking things and we will tell you what that is. >> everything looks good coming down to the toll plaza.
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stay tuned.
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. developing news in daily
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city. because of this one lane of skyline boulevard is closed on highway 35 between john mure drive and john daily boulevard. we will bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. and they want to know if this early morning fire at a hayward apartment complex is suspicious. six people were forced out and it gutted units on the first and second floors. no injuries were reported. and several students at the elementary school had to be evacuated after a pipe bomb was found on campus. investigators will be checking video from security cameras and will be checking fingerprints from the bomb itself. nobody was hurt.
6:45 am
janine de la vega is in morgan hill to talk about the neighborhood where homes and cars are targeted, jeanine? >> reporter: i spoke with one gentleman who personally knows three different neighbors who have been hit by burglaries in this green leaf neighborhood on east dunn avenue. police say in the last month or so, 8 homes have been broken into during the day and thieves are taking electronics and money. cars are being broken into during the night and thieves are smashing car windows and grabbing anything of value. this man said his neighbor was one of the victims. >> my neighbor said it's not going to be christmas because they have to replace presents and their kids are upset because they saved money for
6:46 am
school. >> nobody was been arrested for the crimes and they don't know if these burglaries are related and they are telling people of course when you leave the house when you look your doors and windows, done leave your garage doors open. and they say don't leave anything of value in sight from a car charger to a telephone, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. two men were shot right in front of a home on mandarin way. one of the victims is the stepson of a man who was shot and killed on saturday just about a block away. so far no arrests have been made. the town council will decide whether to make it illegal to grow marijuana
6:47 am
plants outside. they claim they smell bad and it is also a safety risk. the man who owns the house with the marijuana plants in the back yard is a medical marijuana card holder. and he said he plans on bringing supporters as well. they will consider a proposal to allow the amount of medical marijuana patients can have and grow all year to no more than 6 to 12 mature and immature plants. it will cut the amount of 3 pounds to 8 ounces per year. and to the san francisco trustee, jackson is in danger of losing his seat. we will have more on the
6:48 am
important deadlines he missed and what he owes to his campaign. there is something important for questionable spending of public money. maritime directser james kwan is stepped down as they released an internal audit. it skirted spending limits on single transactions and it also said more than $70,000 in extravagant gifts expose the port to tax liabilities. >> it's something we take seriously and we are not going to close our eyes to it and look at it and make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> james kwan is the second executive to step down. omar benjamin abruptly retired last month. they racked up $5,000 in strip clubs and that money has since
6:49 am
been repaid. the face-lift of the bay bridge toll plazas and this work could last as long as six months and it's scheduled during the overnight hours. >> right now it is 6:48, we might be getting crowded out there and let's check in with sal. >> dave, it is more crowded out there, and this is the peak of the commute starting about now and we'll see more traffic all over the place and let's look at what we have on the golden gate bridge which looks good heading to the toll plaza. no major problems here. also if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge, that is backed up to the mcarthur maze and it is about a 20 to 25 minute delay. better than yesterday when we had all the cars on the span and if you are driving into the santa clara valley although
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things are beginning to look crowded. 101 on the peninsular does look got a at pearl game and san mateo. a -- burlingame and san mateo. it is getting there and starting to fill in north and also fog out to the north bay. it will be cooler even though it is sunny today and clouds increase later on. overnight we will get some rain and it will be a cold rain and that rain will be with us over the weekend. there is not a lot of rain but a 10th of an inch and it is really the bigger story. we have sun here in the morning hours and we will have it most of the day. low clouds are there and sometimes these low clouds can increase fast especially with a front coming in and the front
6:51 am
is coming in. overnight into tomorrow morning, brief rain and if we can get enough moisture there will be snow on the 30,000. that system is coming in and it will dry drop right in on us. you can see it is increasing clouds and we will have rain and showers and it is hit and miss and it will be with us tomorrow. the snow advisory starts at 10:00 and the good news is not that there is a lot of snow. 4500 feet by tomorrow and 3500 feet. fog sun, chilly lows, cold lows, steve, 50s on the temperatures and get used to this because we will be seeing highs struggling to get over 55 by thursday. so rain comes in tonight,
6:52 am
tomorrow morning, it will turn cooler and breezy, look like a coal rain on sunday. the federal research, ben bernanke will discuss new buying plans to support the economy. it will encourage buying byp cans and individuals. -- by companies and individuals. a decision on the plan will be announced tomorrow and it could affect markets this week. they are charging $3 more a month and it includes more than one regional sports network. direct tv says it is a way to collect more money and they are already charges an additional $4 per month for regional sports channels. it is coming to san francisco's fisherman's wharf
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and how it will be transformed over the next six months. the reason scientists say they are here in the first place. . >> also don't forget to get news to go, click the live icon and you can watch all our newscasts so you can be connected any time anywhere.
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ee. >> there is still some concern, some of the managers say they are worried about the fiscal cliff sending us into a possible recession. >> time now 655, hundreds of humboldt squid is washing up on beaches and scientists can't figure it out. they are all over the beaches and marine biologists say it's weird because they usually live in warmer areas. maybe an over abundance of food is luring them and experts advice done touch them and don't eat the squid.
6:57 am
now pile lots safe -- pilots safely landed and 152 passengers were on board and taken off and rebooked to later flights. one flight attendant was treated for that smell and a report is being made about it now. and california high speed rail project, it is expected to be the largest in state history. more than $11 billion in resources have been identified but it leaves a shortfall. high speed rail said one work begins, investors will come forward. and a new design will bring more outdoor sitting in the two block section of hyde street to jones. it will begin january 22nd and
6:58 am
will be completed in time for america's cup in july. let's check back with sal, how are we looking? >> well we have a backup at the toll plaza. it is a 35 minute delay and we have slow traffic beginning right near highway 238. mostly clear patchy fog up in the valley and some fog filling in the coast and we will have increasing clouds later tonight and highs today coming down, 50s and 60s and turning colder, we have more coming up on mornings on 250.$♪. >> we have a story -- mornings on 2. >> we have a car which fell off a cliff and we have more on that story. stay right here with us.
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